150 Light Heifers
150 Light Heifers
150 Light Heifers
150 Light Heifers
Listing ID : 23393
Breed : Brahman Cross
Stock Type : Heifers
Vendor Bred : Yes
Condition : Prime
Quality : Good

Delivery Method : On farm negotiable
Stock Location : Belyando
State : QLD
Price : $450.00 Per Head
Agent : Central QLD

Approximately 150 light heifers that have been on a light ration of feed, heifers are mostly Brahman and Droughtmaster X, ready to go onto a full feedlot mix, back out into the paddock or onto a crop. Heifers to average approximately 200kg. Asking for dollars per head but will negotiate a cents per kilogram rate if required. These cattle are also running with approximately 150 steers of the same weight and age which can be included for sale.