75 Charolais X Steers
75 Charolais X Steers
75 Charolais X Steers
75 Charolais X Steers
Listing ID : 34531
Status : SOLD
Number of Units : 75
Breed : Charolais Cross
Stock Type : Steers
Average Weight : 310 kg
Vendor Bred : Yes
Condition : Store
Quality : Very Good

Stock Location :
State : QLD
Price : Auction Sale
Auction Date : 27/03/2020
Agent : Roma

*** Available AuctionsPlus 27th March 2020 ***


Performance and Temperament go together with this line of quality Charolais cross steers. Bred in tough country to perform.
As calves they were early weaned as part of the producers drought management strategy. In Oct 2019, as weaner's, they were taken to a paddock to browse on minimal roughage where they were supplemented with a ration mainly consisting of Palmkernal meal. This supplement feed was removed once recent rains began to follow with good grass growth. Since then the steers have had excellent growth response to pastures available.
75 Charolais cross steers averaging 310kg at assessment. Could not fault ease of handling through out the yards.
Opportunity not to miss with good framed steers that will be a pleasure to work paddock or yards.