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  • LOCATION: Charters Towers
  • DATE: Oct 11, 2017

Prime Cattle: 592

Bullocks: 170            Heifers: 28            Cows: 287       Bulls: 107

Store Cattle: 793

Steers: 357           Heifers: 410             Cows & Calves: 24 x 24


Prime Cattle comprised of less quality and conditioned Bullocks with limited runs of good finished Cows. 20% of the yarding consisted of meat works Bulls that sold to slightly dearer rates. There were pens of very light conditioned Cows showing their light condition from the dry season and sold to cheaper rates.

The yarding was drawn from as far north as Cape York, Normanton, Georgetown, Forsayth, Mt Garnet and Innisfail and as far south as Collinsville and as far west as Cloncurry, Hughenden, Winton and Prairie.

Bullocks under 500kg were 5-9¢ dearer, Bullocks over 500kg were 6-9¢ cheaper and Heifers were 4-6¢ dearer. Cows over 400kg were 2-4¢ dearer while Cows under 400kg sold to cheaper rates by up to 10¢/kg.

Prime Quotes:
Bullocks topped at 253¢/kg sold on a/c EJT & KL Camp that weighed 562kg to return $1425. Best priced Trade Heifers were presented on a/c Dylingo Past Co which made 226¢/kg to weigh 437kg and return $989 per head. The top pen of Cows were sold by Darren Fairfull, for 213¢/kg and weighed 570kg to return $1215 per head. Bulls sold on a/c SR & DJ Moncrieff topped at 253¢/kg and weighed 690kg to return $1747 per head.

Store Quotes:
Store cattle saw similar values again this week on both Feeder Steers and Feeder Heifers with a large portion of the yarding consisting of young Bulls in the 200-320kg range selling to 290¢/kg to average 270¢/kg. Feeder Steers in the 200kg range sold to 354.2¢/kg to average 345¢/kg. Steers over 400kg sold to 310.2¢/kg to average 310.2¢/kg.


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