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  • LOCATION: Dalby
  • DATE: Jun 06, 2018

Numbers reduced by close to 20% and there was a wide variation in quality across most classes. Cattle were once again drawn from a large area with 800 head from New South Wales plus 1,800 from far western Queensland while the remaining 3,291 were from the local supply area. Buyer attendance was good and included some interstate processors. There was a wide variation in price trends with most stock meeting exact market specifications in demand however poor quality lines experienced limited support.

The better end of the light weight yearling steers and heifers experience very little change in price. Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 7c less while the heavy weights to feed averaged 4c better however poor quality lines across all classes eased 20c to 30c/kg.

The better end of the heavy grown steers and bullocks met firm demand while older and less weight for age classes were discounted. The supply of cows exceeded demand and prices eased as the sale progressed. Good heavy cows were the least affected to average 3c less while medium weights were 9c and up to 20c/kg cheaper.

Steer calves returned to the paddock at 294.2c to average 272c while poor quality mixed sex calves averaged 228c/kg. A large supply of light weight yearling steers sold to restockers at an average of 265c with some to 289.2c while lesser quality lines averaged 225c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 252c and made to 260.2c and poor quality lines averaged 207c/kg. Heavy yearling steers to feed averaged 264c and made to 271.2c/kg.

A large supply of well-bred light weight yearling heifers sold from 229c to 236c with sales to 256.2c and the lesser quality lines averaged 194c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 242c with some to 250.2c/kg. Heavy grown steers to export slaughter averaged 262c and made to 276.2c and a few bullocks made to 275.2c to average 262c/kg.

Light weight poor condition cows returned to the paddock around 135c to 145c/kg. Medium weight 2 scores to processors and average of 153c and 3 scores 176c/kg. Heavy 3 scores average 183c and good heavy cows averaged 199c and made to 206.2c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 212.2c/kg.

170 – 294 c/kg

Yearling Steers
200 – 280 kg 188 – 289 c/kg
280 – 330 kg 239 – 268 c/kg
330 – 400 kg 166 – 260 c/kg
400 + kg       250 – 276 c/kg

Yearling Heifers
200 – 280 kg 134 – 256 c/kg
280 – 330 kg 198 – 240 c/kg
330 – 400 kg 176 – 250 c/kg
400 + kg       178 – 238 c/kg

Grown Steers
500 – 600 kg 220 – 276 c/kg
600 + kg       230 – 275 c/kg

400 – 520 kg  96  – 185 c/kg
520 + kg       150 – 206 c/kg

600 + kg       130 – 212 c/kg