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Eidsvold Prime & Store Cattle Sale – Wednesday 6th June 2018

  • LOCATION: Eidsvold
  • DATE: Jun 06, 2018

TopX North Burnett held their fortnightly Cattle Sale on Wednesday, offering 182 head of quality cattle and receiving good results for the market. Cattle were presented from all local areas including Monto, Gin Gin, Mundubbera and Biggenden.

Description Head Average c/kg Maximum c/kg
Steers Up to 200kg
200-300kg 43 254.2 261.2
300-400kg 37 235.2 242.2
400-500kg 1 245.2 245.2
500-600kg 1 228.2 228.2
Heifers Up to 200kg 1 190.0 190.0
Heifers 200-300kg 6 208.0 220.2
Heifers 300-400kg 24 209.8 224.2
 Heifers 400-500kg 11 217.4 224.2
Cows Up to 400kg 13 129.3 131.2
Cows 400-520kg 12 159.3 188.0
Cows Over 520kg 13 181.7 183.2
Bulls Up to 450kg 9 227.7 240.2
Bulls 450 – 600kg 3 230.2 230.2
Bulls Over 600kg



M,C Murray & P Hartwig sold Droughtmaster X Steers for 260c/kg at 272kg returning $709/head.

HK Dwyer sold Brahman X Steers for 240c/kg at 265kg returning $636/head. Continuing to sell Brahman X 380kg Heifers for 224c/kg returning $851/head.

A & M Thorburn sold Droughtmaster X Steers for 242c/kg at 312kg returning $757/head. Continuing to sell Droughtmaster X Heifers to 202c/kg at 306kg returning $619/head

C, M & R Murray offered Angus X Steers selling to 236c/kg at 345kg returning $815/head.

S Smith sold Brahman X Steers for 230c/kg at 355kg returning $818/head.

S & M Roth sold Charbray x Heifers for 224c/kg at 391kg returning $877/head.

A Roth & D Wilson sold Charbray X Heifers for 220c/kg at 295kg returning $649/head.

DSP Pastoral sold Brahman X Cows for 182c/kg at 540kg returning $983/head

R & C Stark sold Brahman X Cows for 177c/kg at 570kg returning $1010/head.


Next TopX North Burnett Store & Prime Cattle Sale 20th June 2018, Commencing @12.30pm