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Gracemere Cattle Sale – Wednesday 15th January 2020

  • LOCATION: Gracemere
  • DATE: Jan 15, 2020

The first Wednesday sale of 2020 the Combined Agents of CQLX saw a yarding of 2,499 comprising of 988 steers, 843 heifers, 599 cows, 24 bulls and 45 Cows & Calves. With a full buyer panel operating, competition was very strong. Rates for fat cattle were up on the last sale for 2019 while feeder cattle remained firm. The younger cattle were well sought after with buyers from Townsville, Emerald, Monto, and local areas.

Description Min Max Average
Steers Slaughter 309.2 c/kg 309.2c/kg 309.2c/kg
401-500kg 228.2 c/kg 304.2 c/kg 291 c/kg
301-400kg 140.2 c/kg 300.2 c/kg 277.3 c/kg
201-300kg 76.2 c/kg 278.2 c/kg 236.2 c/kg
Under 200kg 130 c/kg 262.2 c/kg 229.7 c/kg
Cows Slaughter 170.2 c/kg 243.2 c/kg 221.4 c/kg
401-450kg 50 c/kg 261.2 c/kg 192.7 c/kg
320-400kg 50 c/kg 237.2 c/kg 143.2 c/kg
Under 320kg 50 c/kg 212.2 c/kg 89.8 c/kg
Heifers Heavy 217.2 c/kg 282.2 c/kg 269.9 c/kg
301-400kg 154.2 c/kg 265 c/kg 237.2 c/kg
201-300kg 116.2 c/kg 258.2 c/kg 218.9 c/kg
Under 200kg 98.2 c/kg 266.2 c/kg 189.2 c/kg
Cows and Calves   $810 /unit $666 /unit
Bulls Over 600kg 236.2 c/kg 304.2 c/kg 267.3 c/kg
  450-600kg 90 c/kg 284.2 c/kg 207.4 c/kg
  Under 450kg 150 c/kg 296.2 c/kg 205.9 c/kg


Milner Constructions, Alton downs, sold Brahman steers for 296c/kg weighing 343kg to return $1017/head

Richard Creed, Bajool, sold Droughtmaster feeder steers to 300.2c weighing 366kg to return $1100/head

Olderfleet cattle Co., Mt Coolon, sold No.8 Brahman steers for 302c/kg weighing 442kg to return $1335/head

Cedar Creek Grazing, Gogango, sold a run of Droughtmaster cross cows for 243c/kg weighing 562kg to return $1,367/head

A & J Bauer, Baralaba, sold Brahman weaner heifers to average 254c/kg, weighing 243kg to return $618/head

Jim Shannon, Jambin sold No.8 Senepol Cross Heifers for 282c/kg to Avg. 437kg and return $1232 /head

Nott & Mahood, Banana Sold a run of Brahman weaner heifers making 266c weighing 190kg to return $507/head they also sold feeder heifers to 265c weighing 387kg to return $1026/head

Michael Leahy, Ubobo sold Brangus Cross Cows and Calves for $810 per unit

MLA Market Report