Young Santa Gertrudis Bulls

Young Santa Gertrudis Bulls

50 yearling bulls ranging from 14-20 months of age.
Vaccinated with 3 day, Botulism and 5in1.
Can be vaccinated with three germ blood, if requested.
Never fed grain, are running on grass and leucaena since weaning with access to a protein meal when it was dry.
Educated with horses, border collie dogs, four wheel bikes and buggies.
They are packed with performance and backed with fertility.
Bred from a herd of cows with over 60 years of strict fertility culling!

From a JBAS 7 tested herd!!


Stud Stock ID : 20716
Location : Taroom QLD
Min Weight : 400
Max Weight : 620
Age : 14-20
Movement Restrictions : Buyer Enquiry
Semen Tested : No
Price : $3,750.00 Per Head


Additional Contacts

Cyril Close - 0428 222 308


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