Waroona Aggregation, Longreach

Waroona Aggregation, Longreach

With scale, grass, exclusion fence, excellent water and station improvements, plant included and the option to purchase the existing livestock, the Waroona Aggregation is a true BLUE CHIP purchase option.

It doesn’t matter whether the prospective purchaser wants to run cattle, sheep or goats the property and infrastructure can handle It.

Since purchasing Waroona in 1995 the vendors have run a very successful mixed grazing enterprise that has seen them not only grow their land holdings but develop them into high quality assets. However, it is now time to start downsizing and take a more relaxed approach to life, so they are now offering their years of hard and committed work for sale.

If you are looking for GRASS, WATER, EXCELLENT IMPROVEMENTS and DIVERSITY you better call Tom McLeish to book an inspection!

Listing Details:

  • Property ID: 29024
  • Listing Type: Sale
  • Status: Sold
  • Sale Type: Private Sale
  • Price Type: POA
  • Property Type: Rural
  • Property Name: Waroona Aggregation
  • Property Location: Longreach
  • State: QLD
  • Location Details:

    Waroona is situated approximately 132km South of Longreach, 20km North of Stonehenge or 250km West of Blackall. Included in the aggregation is Ban Ban which is located Approx 95km South of Longreach or 250km West of Blackall.

  • Size/Area:

    41,704 Ha or 103,053 Ac

  • Tenure: Area: Total Approx 41,704ha or 103,053ac made up of: • Waroona Approx. 27,440ha or 67,806ac FREEHOLD; Lot 3 on Plan CP882339 & Lot 1 on Plan SP136865 • Ban Ban Approx. 14,264ha or 35,247ac GHPL; Lot 2 on Plan RV21 & Lot 3 on Plan RV95
  • Rates: Approximately: Waroona, Barcoo Shire $6,285.81 per half year. Ban Ban, Longreach Shire $5,976.62 per half year
  • Rent: Waroona Is Freehold so no rents, Ban Ban Is GHPL so $3,301.03 quarterly.
  • Services:

    Bitumen access, 3G/4G mobile phone service, STD telephone, mains power, satellite TV, Satellite internet, twice weekly mail service via Longreach. Distance Education available through Longreach. Longreach boasts all the necessary businesses and medical services required, including cattle saleyards.

  • Improvements:

    Waroona Homestead – A beautifully maintained 4-bedroom homestead set amongst a well-established low maintenance garden. The homestead is air conditioned and includes a renovated kitchen.
    Waroona Homestead Compound includes -
    • 2-bedroom self-contained stationhand quarters
    • 4 bay workshop/machinery shed and 4 bay car shed
    • 3 bay lick shed
    • 2 X 36 tonne Molasses tanks with manifold and pump
    • 3 X 28 tonne grain silos full of Barley
    • Generator shed with Isuzu 17 KVA power plant
    • Solar Power Unit 5KVA installed 2017

    Ban Ban House & Machinery Shed- : 2 bedroom house currently being renovated and air conditioned. Steel 3 bay machinery shed connected to mains power.

    Waroona Woolshed & Sheep Yards – 6 stand shearing shed built in 1986 attached to steel sheep yards to handle 3,000 head. Both the shed and the yards are in excellent condition.

    Waroona Shearers Quarters – 13 Bed, airconditioned quarters with kitchen, dining room, new cold room and ablution block. The quarters are in very good condition.

    Ban Ban Woolshed & Sheep Yards - 4 stand woolshed (connected to mains power) with basic sheep yards

    Waroona Cattle Yards – New steel cattle yards built in 2013 that Include an 8-way draft, underground sprinkler system, two watering yards, undercover RPM vet crush with waiting pen and scales, loading/unloading ramp. Vendor estimates the yards will handle 800 head.

    Ban Ban Cattle Yards - Steel portable panel cattle yards with loading ramp, 5-way pound draft, vet crush and calf cradle. These yards will work approx 500 head. They are in good condition.

    Airstrip – 1,000-meter airstrip located to the SE of the Homestead

  • Country Type:

    Waroona can be broken up into the following country types:
    • Approx 48,800ac of Open Mitchell Grass Downs Country that is well grassed with Mitchell, Flinders and Seasonal Herbages.
    • Approx 10,000ac of Boree Country grassed with Mitchell, Flinders, seasonal herbages and some Buffel. This Boree country Includes some creek lines that grow good areas of Buffel and other channel grasses and herbages.
    • Approx 9,000ac of Gidyea Country that has been pulled or thinned and now carries a good body of annual grasses and Mitchell as well as Buffel in the creek lines. Approx 4,000ac of this country was pulled in 2004 and 2005. 4,500ac was thinned in 2016 and 2019. See attached PMAV for classification on this country.
    • Waroona is classified as "Weeds of National Significance Free" by Barcoo Shire Council

    Ban Ban consists of:
    • Majority Mitchell and Flinders black soil downs country growing an abundance of natural grasses and herbages as well as some Buffel. The country is majority open with shaded timber lines of Coolabah, Boree and Gidyea.
    • Approx 4,000ac of Gidyea encroachment was thinned in 2018. This area ranges from semi open to thicker Gidyea that grows herbages, soft burr and natural grasses.
    • There is NO Prickly Acacia or any other invasive weeds on Ban Ban.

  • Water:

    Waroona has extensive watering Infrastructure that Includes approx 90km of 75mm and 63mm poly pipe connected to 49 concrete troughs and 13 poly tanks. Supplying this water network are 5 large dams.
    • The house dam is equipped with 4 x Grundfos 240v multistage pumps on a pontoon that supplies water to approx 36 troughs and 5 poly tanks. This dam is Interconnected via poly pipe with another large dam toward the southern end of the property, to further secure water supply into this poly network. Both of these dams are approx 50,000 to 70,000 sq. yard dams.
    • There are another 3 dams equipped with Grundfos solar submersibles that supply water to 13 troughs and 8 poly tanks.
    • As well as the above mentioned 5 dams there are an additional 7 dams that provide stock water. These dams are not equipped but are open for stock to water from.
    • Water to yards, buildings, quarters etc is all pressurised.
    • There are multiple creek systems that run through Waroona that do provide wet season waterholes.
    • There are no water agreements with neighbours.

    Ban Ban's water is supplied from:
    • 10 dams. These range from 20,000 to 50,000 sq. yards and have all been desilted in recent times except one. 2 dams are equipped with Grundfos solar pumps that pump to 5 poly tanks and 7 concrete water troughs with aprons. These tanks and troughs were installed in 2018
    • There Is one water agreement with a neighbour that allows this neighbour to pump from one dam on Ban Ban via a solar pump to 1 tank and 2 troughs.

  • Fencing:

    • Is fully exclusion fenced and has also been fenced into its adjoining titles, which enables better management.
    • All dams except 4 have been fully exclusion fenced as well.
    • Approx half of the property has been developed for intensive rotational grazing with 2 wire electric fencing, while the other half Is split into 9 paddocks with conventional fencing.
    • All fencing Is In good condition.

    Ban Ban
    • Consists of 6 main paddocks and 2 holding paddocks.
    • The property is part of an exclusion fence cluster program. There are 4 properties in the cluster. Approx 60% of the Ban Ban boundary fence is brand new netting exclusion fence. The remaining 40% of the boundary is all stock proof sheep & cattle fence.
    • A substantial amount of new internal fence has been erected in the last 3 years. The remaining internal fence is stock proof.
    • All fences are both sheep and cattle proof.

  • Plant & Equipment:

    To be included in the sale is the following plant/equipment: • Ford Cargo 8-ton Truck with sheep or goat crate and cattle crate and 8 tonne molasses mixer/delivery tank. • 75 HP Iseki 4WD tractor with forks, bucket, front blade, 3PL Aussie post driver, cement mixer, slasher, post hole auger, grader blade, Brompton Rat and carry all. • CAT Grader 17K • Honda Buggy • Honda XR250 Motor Bike • 2 x Suzuki 500 4 Wheelers • 2004 Model Toyota Land Cruiser Ute • Triton Ute • Several Trailers • 9” Mitze Grain Auger 47’ • 3 tonne Grain Feed Out Bin with auger • 2018 Model 3 Phase TPW Wool Press • 2017 Mobile Pr0Way sheep and goat loading ramp • Numerous Advantage Feeders • 3.5 tonne Mitsubishi fork lift. • Sheep and Cattle crate for Toyota • Slip-on 1,000L firefighting unit • New 20’ shipping container • Various light plant, welders, pumps etc. • 40 Goat panels plus loading ramp on trailer • 40 Goat panels and Draft.

  • Carrying Capacity:

    Safe Carrying Capacity - Total Aggregation - Approx 26,000 DSE or 3,700 LSU. Broken up as  Waroona Approximately 17,000 DSE or 2,400 LSU  Ban Ban Approximately 9,000 DSE or 1,300 LSU With the current season the vendors believe the aggregation could easily carry 5,000LSU for the remainder of the year. The property Is being sold bare of livestock, however the vendors may offer their classed sheep flock, goat herd and cattle for sale to the successful purchaser at market valuation.

  • Agent: Longreach
Waroona Aggregation, Longreach
Waroona Aggregation, Longreach
Waroona Aggregation, Longreach
Waroona Aggregation, Longreach
Waroona Aggregation, Longreach
Waroona Aggregation, Longreach
Waroona Aggregation, Longreach
Waroona Aggregation, Longreach

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The details above are those supplied by the vendor although great care has been taken to compile accurate information, prospective purchasers should by inspection, or otherwise satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the information.