• Yarding Numbers: 2,056
  • Location: Blackall
  • Date: May 16, 2024

Blackall Combined Agents yarded a total of 2,056 head at the weekly Prime & Store sale. There was a strong yarding of good quality heavy cows. Cattle were sourced both locally from Blackall, Aramac, Barcaldine and Pentland areas as well as further west from Boulia and Mt Isa.

BULL UNDER 450KG 13 205.9 234.2 842 1,004
BULL 450KG+ 46 215.6 240.2 1,511 2,366
COW & CALF 9 833 960
COW UNDER 300KG 5 30.0 30.0 89 89
COW 300 – 400KG 17 152.0 180.0 579 662
COW 400 – 500KG 207 195.9 215.0 900 1,049
COW 500KG+ 392 220.7 232.2 1,307 1,750
FEEDER HEIFER 7 258.7 265.0 1,353 1,431
HEIFER UNDER 220KG 21 238.2 238.2 457 457
HEIFER 220 – 280KG 173 240.5 306.2 631 784
HEIFER 280 – 350KG 254 261.1 302.2 804 1,023
HEIFER 350 – 450KG 161 263.9 302.2 1,014 1,205
HEIFER 450KG+ 71 244.4 270.0 1,319 1,654
STEER UNDER 220 27 313.5 344.2 596 657
STEER 220 – 280KG 80 273.4 360.2 727 971
STEER 280 – 350KG 323 275.8 360.2 852 1,172
STEER 350 – 400KG 75 263.5 332.2 976 1,192
STEER 400 – 550KG 41 253.1 320.0 1,186 1,438
STEER 550KG+ 55 273.9 286.2 1,715 2,068
MICKEY 85 280.1 344.2 873 1,167
STAG 3 219.6 240.2 867 901


JR Fitzpatrick & HL Jenkins “Ravensbath” Aramac, sold Droughtmaster Cross Heifers for 250c at 469kg to return $1,173/hd.

Dylingo Pastoral Co “Ulcanbah” Buchanan, sold Shorthorn Cross Bulls for 230c at 645kg to return $1,484/hd.

PDBR Pastoral Holdings “Malbonvale” Mt Isa, sold Brahman Cross Bulls for 225c at 517kg to return $1,163/hd.

RJ & RJ Macmillan “Riverview Dairy” Mt Isa, sold Droughtmaster Cross Bullocks for 260c at 613kg to return $1,593/hd.

Ben C Child “Airport Paddock” Barcaldine, sold Shorthorn Cross Cows for 200c at 579kg to return $1,158/hd.

RJ & RJ Macmillan “Riverview Dairy” Mt Isa, sold Charbray Cross Steers for 300.2c at 333kg to return $1,001/hd.

PDBR Pastoral Holdings “Malbonvale” Mt Isa, sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 265c at 410kg to return $1,087/hd.

BF Birchley & RC Birchley “Gartmore” Tambo, sold Braford Bullocks for 270.2c at 690kg to return $1,865/hd.

VG & JM Richardson “Moondilla” Quilpie, sold Droughtmaster Cross Bullocks for 274.2c at 649kg to return $1780.00/hd.

Adams & Son “Darracourt” Blackall, sold Simmental/Santa Cross Cow for 232.2c at 754kg to return $1,750/hd.

Wololla Partnership “Wololla” Jericho, sold Brahman Cross Cows for 230.2c at 611kg to return $1,408/hd.

Edley & Jill Fitzgerald “Carella” Jundah, sold Santa Cows for 230.2c at 595kg to return $1,370/hd.

T and J Terry “Hartree” Longreach, sold a run of Angus Cross Cows to a top of 230 c/kg weighing 677 kg to return $1559 per head.

Mt Playfair Cattle Company “Mt Playfair” Tambo, sold Droughtmaster Cross Bullocks to a top of 286 c/kg weighing 581 kg to return $1663 per hd.

W & P Cullen “Ronlow Park” Pentland, sold Droughtmaster Cross Cow for 215.0c/kg weighing 504kgs for a return of $1084p/hd.

RM Rowlands “Hamlet Downs” Barcaldine, sold Droughtmaster Cross Cow for 215.0 weighing 625kgs for a return of $1343p/hd.

Murray Family Trust “Uanda” Prairie, sold Angus Cross Steer for 300.0c/kg weighing 304kgs for a return of $912p/hd.

Elrose Family Trust “Elrose” Boulia, sold Charolais Cross Heifers for 302.2c/kg weighing 398kgs for a return of $1205p/hd. They had also sold Charbray Cross Cow for 220.0c/kg weighing 622kgs for a return of $1368p/hd.

Devenish Grazing “Devenish” Blackall, sold Droughtmaster Steers for 284.2c/kg weighing 727kgs for a return of $2067p/hd. They had also sold Droughtmaster Cross Bull for 240.2c/kg weighing 985kgs for a return of $2365p/hd.

BLJ Grazing, Dingo, sold Droughtmaster Cross Heifers for 266.2c/kg weighing 522kgs for a return of $1390p/hd.

BJC Contracting “Ronlow Park” Pentland, sold Droughtmaster Cross Cow for 212.2c/kg weighing 463kgs for a return of $982p/hd.

BA & KG Hayman “Tiree” Blackall, sold Santa Gertrudis Cross Heifers for 270.0c/kg weighing 612kgs for a return of $1653p/hd.

AM & JL Hollingsworth “Ulcanbah” Pentland, sold Santa Gertrudis Cross Steers for 280.2c/kg weighing 677kgs for a return of $1898p/hd.

9BA Pastoral “The Patrick” Barcaldine, sold Charolais Cross Steers for 340.2c/kg weighing 344kgs for a return of $1171p/hd.

Parker Grazing “Clare” Jericho, sold Brahman Bulls for 230c at 1020kg to return $2,346/hd.

RE & E Matthews “Allaru” Richmond, sold Brahman Steers for 278.20c at 305kg to return $848/hd. They also sold Brahman Heifers for 238.20c at 299kg to return $712/hd.