• Yarding Numbers: 3,600
  • Location: Blackall
  • Date: July 21, 2022

A total of 3,600 head of cattle were yarded for the weekly Blackall prime and store sale. In a similar quality yarding to last week, a large run of 1,700 medium and heavy weight brahman feeder steers dominated the yarding alongside some good pens of heavy local cows and a large number of yearling bulls. All the regular export processor buyers were in attendance however, not all were operating and prime cattle lost a further 5-10c/kg this week.

A limited number of restocker steers were on offer selling to 536c with light weight bulls making to 508c to average 429c/kg. ‘D’ muscle lines of medium weight steers held firm selling to 418c for those returning to the paddock to average 416c/kg. Heavy feeder steers saw prices to 428.2c to average 427c/kg.
Medium feeder heifers lost ground again this week with feedlots paying 366.2c while heavy heifers to feed held firm also making to 366.2c and those to the restockers sold to 400c/kg.

Heavy heifers to the processor were back 10c selling to 348.2c to average 321c/kg. Medium cows made to 300c averaging 284c and while top prices for heavy cows fell by 10c/kg selling to 307.2c with averages sitting at 301c/kg. Heavy bulls fell by 15c topping at 240c to average 223c/kg.

Good quality pens of young PTIC cows sold to $2,220/head.

Category QTY Average cents/kg High cents/kg Average
High $/head
Bull 0 – 450kg 76 314.4 338.2 $1,292.02 $1,389.16
Bull 450kg+ 34 222 240 $1,555.91 $2,267.75
Cow 0 – 300kg
Cow 300 – 400kg 26 180.7 236 $652.47 $885
Cow 400 – 500kg 143 247.8 360 $1,129.66 $1,710
Cow 500kg+ 272 294.5 307.2 $1,700.04 $2,043.50
Heifer 0 – 220kg 80 276.3 422.2 $668.65 $738.76
Heifer 220 – 280kg 134 334.2 420.2 $816.81 $1,068.50
Heifer 280 – 350kg 81 287 320.2 $893.01 $1,056.66
Heifer 350 – 450kg 125 320.4 400 $1,268.31 $1,625
Heifer 450kg+ 101 326.8 366.2 $1,779.68 $2,044.19
Steer 0 – 220kg 12 507.2 537.2 $915.01 $957.19
Steer 220 – 280kg 35 487.6 436.2 $1,143.18 $1,233.26
Steer 280 – 350kg 553 419.5 514.2 $1,394.90 $1,556.62
Steer 350 – 400kg 1084 402.7 508.2 $1,495.77 $1,952.09
Steer 400 – 550kg 344 390.5 428.2 $1,800.61 $2,288.08
Steer 550kg+ 27 322.9 333.2 $1,911.50 $3,008.25
Mickey 326 413.5 508.2 $1,133.57 $1,715.98
Cows & Calves 53 $1,472.83 $1,520
PTIC Heifers


Swan Hill Cattle Co ‘Swan Hill’ Blackall sold heavy Santa Gertrudis Cows for 296.2c/kg averaging 624kg returning $1,850/head.

Mt Macquarie Past Trust ‘Alamay’ Blackall sold Simbrah Cows for 296.2c/kg averaging 614kg returning $1,819/head.

Paul Gielis ‘Westerton’ Longreach sold good Santa Gertrudis X Steers for 494.2c/kg averaging 395kg returning $1,952/head.

Lawn Hill Riversleigh Pastoral Holding Co ‘Lawn Hill’ Mt Isa sold an excellent run of Brahman Steers for a top of 440.2c/kg to average 402c/kg averaging 367kg returning $1,477/head.

ST & B Loudon ‘Newark’ Jericho sold good quality Simbrah Angus X Weaner Steers for 536.2c/kg averaging 230kg returning $1,233/head. They also sold Angus X Heifers for 420.2c/kg averaging 222kg returning $938/head.

Charolais X Steers from Tambo sold for 428.c/kg averaging 534.3kg returning $2,288.08/head.

The Nobbies Grazing Co ‘The Nobbies’ Cloncurry sold Droughtmaster Cows for $2,220/head.

Tambo Station Pastoral Co ‘Tambo Station’ Tambo sold Santa Gertrudis Cows for 305c/kg averaging 670kg returning $2,043.50/head.

Kurrboo Livestock ‘Muttama’ Blackall sold Santa Gertrudis Bulls for 235.0c/kg averaging 965kgs returning $2,267/head.

R & F Moyes ‘Dunraven’ Barcaldine sold Santa Gertrudis Cows for 300.0c/kg averaging 645kgs returning $1,935/head.

NJ Curley ‘Avington’ Blackall sold Brahman Cows for 298.2c/kg averaging 589kgs returning $1,757/head.

EW & EM Moller ‘Edwinstowe’ Jericho sold Santa Gertrudis Cows for 305c/kg averaging 660kg returning $2,013/head.

Chandler Pastoral ‘Kyneton’ Barcaldine sold fat Santa Gertrudis Heifers for 342c/kg averaging 597kg returning $2,044/head.

KEC & JA Gordon ‘Elkantara’ Longreach sold Santa Gertrudis Steers for 484c/kg averaging 360kg returning $1,743/head.

RJ Murphy ‘Everton’ Aramac sold Santa Gertrudis Cows to a top of 295c/kg averaging 586.9kg returning $1,731/head.

T and J Terry ‘Inverness’ Muttaburra sold Brahman Cows to a top of 300c/kg averaging 508kg returning $1,524/head.