• Yarding Numbers: 3,100
  • Location: Blackall
  • Date: July 28, 2022

Approximately 3,100 head of cattle were yarded for the monthly Blackall weaner and store sale for July. Cattle were mostly drawn from the north west with light weight restocker steers and yearling bulls making up most of the yarding. An improvement in both quality and restocker competition saw prices for yearlings improve by 30-60c/kg.

Light weight restocker steers under 200kg lifted by 10c selling to 570.2c to average 547c, light weight restocker steers 200 to 280kg saw a lift of 28c topping at 628.2c to average 548c/kg and restockers steers 280 to 330kg made to 558.2c to average 513c/kg.

Medium weight steers to feed made to 490.2c while those returning to the paddock made to 510.2c to average 443.2c/kg. A small sample of heavy weight yearling steers sold to an isolated 466.2c to average 425.2c/kg.

Heifers regained some of the losses of previous weeks with those under 200kg selling to 484.2c for a large run of vendor bred heifers. Heifers 200 to 280kg also saw a top price of 484.2c to average 435c/kg. Restockers paid up to 420.2c for heifers 280 to 330kg with most feeder heifers selling around 351c/kg.
Medium heifers 330 to 400kgs returning to the paddock topped at 402.2c while feeders paid up to 395.2c to average 377c/kg.

A run of PTIC heifers sold to $2080/head.

Category QTY Average c/kg High c/kg AV $ High $/hd
Bull     0 – 450kg 8 279.4 308.2 1,077.50 1,236.65
Bull 450kg+ 12 249.1 308.2 1,658.71 2,160.48
Cow 500kg+ 50 277.8 290.2 1,575.39 1,806.00
Heifer    0 – 220kg 336 357.6 484.2 670.72 1,045.87
Heifer 220 – 280kg 383 387.5 484.2 959.22 1,305.22
Heifer 280 – 350kg 194 316.2 420.2 970.72 1,372.65
Heifer 350 – 450kg 115 337.9 402.2 1,264.03 1,580.00
Heifer 450kg+ 24 323.7 340 1,574.77 1,676.93
Steer    0 –  220kg 171 451.1 570.2 913.94 1,145.15
Steer 220 – 280kg 588 499.3 628.2 1,243.36 1,546.93
Steer 280 – 350kg 408 462.9 558.2 1442.89 1,836.00
Steer 350 – 400kg 125 370.3 510.2 1,367.84 1,811.21
Steer 400 – 550kg 80 462.8 466.2 1,556.27 1,921.33
Mickey 404 426.4 475.2 1,046.32 1,655.01
Cows & Calves 6 1,133 1,200
PTIC 59 1,802 2,080


Clarenden Cattle Co “Ballygar” Aramac sold good quality Droughtmaster/ Charolais cross steers 526.2c at 322kg $1,694/hd.

7HR Grazing “Binkar” Pentland sold an excellent draft of weaners with the Charolais cross steers making 544.2 at 265kg to return $1,443.

La Plata Grazing “La Plata” Blackall sold Droughtmaster steers for 552.2c at 244kg to return $1,350/hd.

Camelock Rural “Carella” Augathella sold Santa cross 548.2 at 310kg to return $1,699/hd.

Weewondilla Pastoral Co “Weewondilla” Longreach sold good quality Charbray cross steers for 550.2c at 257kg to return $1,541/hd.

Gaza Grazing “Gaza” Longreach sold good quality Angus cross weaner steers for 510.2c at 270kg to return $1,375/hd also selling heifers for 442.2c at 276kg to return 1,223/hd.

PA & TC Rose ‘Bede, Aramac sold Droughtmaster X Steers for 600.2c/kg weighing 220kgs for a return of $1320p/hd.

W Schekoske ‘Roseneath,’ Longreach sold Droughtmasters Steers for 466.2c/kg weighing 400kgs for a return of $1864p/hd.

R and T Jensen, off agistment at “Summerdell”, Jericho sold good quality Charbray steers to a top of 590 c/kg weighing 240 kg to return $1416 per head.  They also sold Charbray heifers to a top of 402.2 c/kg that weighed 224 kg to return $901 per head.  Their Brahman cows topped at 290 c/kg weighing 535 kg to return $1552 per head.

Chandler Grazing, “Hillalong”, Barcaldine sold Droughtmaster cross steers to a top of 574 c/kg weighing 241 kg to return $1384 per head.

MJ and MJ Cattle Company, “Towri”, Richmond sold Angus cross steers to a top of 532 c/kg weighing 202 kg to return $1077 per head.

LL & SD Bode ‘Percol Plains’ Mckinlay sold Angus X Mickeys for 475.2c/kg averaging 284.8kg returning $1,353.60/head

Charbray X Heifers from Tambo sold for $2,080/head

Braeside Miller Trust ‘Braeside’ Barcaldine sold Santa Gertrudis steers for 556.2c to return $1546

HH & SJ Glasson ‘Greenlaw’ Yaraka sold Santa Gertrudis steers for 628.2c to return $1472

KJ & JL McKinlay ‘Richmond Hills’ Barcaldine sold Red Angus steers for 542c to return $1367

GJ & JM Lawrence ‘Lena Park’ Barcaldine sold Simmental cross steers for 538c to return $1576/hd.