Blackall Cattle Sale Market Report – Thursday 4th June 2020

  • Yarding Numbers: 4,461
  • Location: Blackall
  • Date: June 4, 2020

Blackall Combined Agents yarded 4461 head at the fat and store sale yesterday. The quality of the yarding was of a high standard with prime cattle in large numbers. The market remained strong with all usual processors in attendance. The store job held firm with select lines of softer cattle in high demand from southern buyers. The cattle were yarded from local areas Tambo, Barcaldine, Yaraka, Longreach, Aramac, Jericho as well as areas including Julia Creek, Mt Isa. The next Blackall sale will be a Store and Fat sale on Thursday 11th June.

Description Head Avg c/kg Max c/kg Avg $/hd Max $/hd
Bulls 0 – 450kg 45 289.6 428.2 $1042 $1381
Bulls 450kg+ 105 300.1 328.2 $2012 $3460
Cows 300 – 400kg 135 192.8 248.2 $666 $972
Cows 400 – 500kg 365 243.5 268.2 $1106 $1298
Cows 500kg+ 633 264.8 295.0 $1477 $1763
Heifers 0 – 220kg 217 338.3 402.2 $663 $880
Heifers 220 – 280kg 368 343.6 394.2 $857 $996
Heifers 280 – 350kg 332 322.6 362.2 $1008 $1235
Heifers 350 – 450kg 315 312.9 357.2 $1244 $1515
Heifers 450kg+ 160 298.7 340.2 $1471 $1730
Steers 0 – 220kg 100 364.5 432.2 $762 $908
Steers 220 – 280kg 331 360.0 438.2 $928 $1077
Steers 280 – 350kg 400 363.0 432.2 $1136 $1317
Steers 350 – 400kg 207 344.4 395.2 $1274 $1543
Steers 400 – 550kg 395 346.5 402.2 $1581 $1921
Steers 550kg+ 83 308.7 334.2 $1871 $2534
Mickeys 278 329.8 372.2 $901 $1514
Cows & Calves 51 $1748 $1960
PTIC Heifers


RA Russell Pastoral Co “Sumnervale” Blackall sold prime Charolais bulls for 302.2c/kg weighing 1145kg returning $3460/hd

Aberfeldy Pastoral Co “North Elmsdale” Ilfracome sold heavy cows to 264.2c/kg weighing 585kg returning $1545.57/hd

Laidlaw Pastoral Pty Ltd “Laidlaw” Longreach sold heavy bulls to 324.2c/kg weighing 805kg returning $2609.81/hd, there heavy cows sold to 270.2c/kg weighing 593.3 returning $1603.19. they also yarded a Great run on Braford steers and heifers with the steers selling to 432.2c/kg weighing 281.6kg returning $1217.08, the heifers sold to 394.2c/kg weighing 225.7kg retuning $889.52

Eddington Grazing Pty Ltd “Eddington” Julia Creek sold Droughtmaster heifers to top at 365c/kg weighing 233.4kg returning $852.09/hd

Forest Park Pastoral Co ‘Alice Downs’ Blackall sold Santa Gertrudis Bulls for 319.2c/kg averaging 620.4kg returning $1,980.37/head

LW MJ & EL Deem ‘Cambeela’ Winton sold Drought Master X Heifers for 361.2c/kg averaging 260.4kg returning $940.59/head. They also sold Angus X Steers for 395.2c/kg averaging 354.4kg returning $1,400.59/head

DKM Pastoral ‘Athol’ Blackall sold Santa Gertrudis X Steers for 330c/kg averaging 538.5kg returning $1,777.05/head. They also sold a Drought Master Bull for 317.2ckg averaging 780kg returning $2,474.16/head

Trinidad Pastoral Co ‘Trinidad’ Quilpie sold a Santa Gertrudis Steer for 353.2c/kg averaging 425kg returning $1,501.10/head

Jedburgh Pastoral Co “Jedburgh Station” Yaraka sold organic cows to an average of 249.2¢/kg weighing avg 451kg to return $1124 per head, they also sold organic steers which topped at 374.2¢/kg weighing avg 344kg to return $1289 per head.

DG & GH East ‘Breedon’ Longreach sold Santa Gertrudis steers for 378.2c/kg weighing 351.4kg to return $1329.10/hd and heavier steers for 330c/kg weighing a top of 700kg to return $2311.4/hd.

Mellish Park Grazing ‘Neenah Park’ Longreach sold Brahman steers for 350.2c/kg at 430kg to return $1505.86/hd

Steve Bailey ‘Highlands’ Tambo sold Charolais steers for 334.2c/kg weighing 613.3kg to return $2049.76/hd and heifers for 320.2c/kg weighing 459kg to return 1469.72.

Ben Avery ‘Allandale’ Blackall sold shorthorn steers for 380c/kg weighing 346.7kg to return $1317.33/hd

Bailey Properties ‘Paradise Downs’ Blackall sold Charolais bulls for 316.2c/kg weighing 817.5kg to return $2584.94/hd

SJ & RJ Neal ‘Aireworth’ Hughenden sold Brangus steers for 390c/kg weighing 275.3kg to return $1073.48/hd

Athelstane Pastoral Company ‘Athelstane’ Winton sold Droughtmaster steers for 388.2c/kg weighing 298.8kg to return $1159.75/hd

PJ & CR Britton ‘Brighton Downs’ Winton sold Santa Gertrudis heifers for 336.2c/kg weighing 447.1kg to return $1503.29/hd

AE & JM Smith ‘Shady Downs’ Tambo sold Droughtmaster heifers for 314.2c/kg weighing 546.3kg to return $1716.32/hd

Clayton Smith, Blackall sold Droughtmaster heifers for 314.2c/kg weighing 513.3kg to return $1612.89/hd

HL Jenkins ‘Newhaven’ Barcaldine sold Droughtmaster heifers for 306.2c/kg weighing 565kg to return $1730.03/hd

Cronulla Trust ‘Cronulla’ Longreach sold Santa Gertrudis heifers for 315c/kg weighing 466.7kg to return $1470/hd

Romulus Pastoral Trust “Romulus” Blackall sold a draft of Charolais x cows selling to a top of 276.2c weighing 636kg returning $1757.00.

Camelock Rural “Carella” Augathella sold a top quality draft of Santa cows selling to a top of 274.2c weighing 640kg returning $1754.00.

Gaza Grazing Co “Janet Downs” Longreach sold Charolais x cows to a top of 288.2c weighing 568kg returning 1636.00.

RD Hay Pastoral Trust “Myross” Aramac sold a top quality draft of Brahman x cows selling to a top of 270c weighing 587kg returning $1585.00.

Adams & Son “Darracourt” Blackall sold a top quality draft of Santa x steers selling to a top of 402.2c weighing 434kg returning $1745.00.

BJ & JJ Eggerling “Wynn Downs” Longreach sold Santa x feeder steers to a top of 400.2c weighing 434kg returning $1737.00.

CG Glover & Son “Prospect” Tambo sold Hereford x steers selling to a top of 384.2c weighing 425kg returning $1633.00.

LA Plata Grazing Co “La Plata” Blackall sold a top quality draft of Droughtmaster/Santa x steers selling to a top of 388c weigh 411kg returning $$1594.00.

J & I Miller sold a draft of Angus x steers selling to a top of 438.2c weighing 227kg returning $994.00.

Clarenden Cattle Co “Clarenden” Blackall sold a top quality draft of Simbrah x heifers selling to a top of 356.2c weighing 345kg returning $1229.00.