• Yarding Numbers: 1,709
  • Location: Charters Towers
  • Date: May 1, 2024

Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 1,709 cattle. The Cattle consisted of 323 Bullocks, 142 Heifers, 1086 Cows, 144 Bulls, 10 Store Steers and 4 Store Heifers.

Cattle comprised of some good pens of heavy Bullocks and a larger yarding of predominantly well finished Cows. The usual number of Bulls were presented, although the quality was not as good as previous weeks. Five processors and two live exporters operated in a market that was firm to dearer.

The yarding was drawn from Mt Isa, Julia Creek, Cloncurry, Mt Garnet, Forsayth, Richmond, Hughenden as well as local and coastal areas.

Prime Quotes:

Bullocks were 5¢ dearer, Heifers were 10¢ dearer, Cows were unchanged and firm, and Bulls were 10-15¢ easier on last week’s rates.

Description Category Wt. Range kg Head Price in cents/kg
Lowest Average Highest
Steers & Bullocks Medium Up to 500kg 182 150 226 244
Heavy Over 500kg 141 160 250 264
Heifers Medium Up to 540kg 142 124 201 234
Cows Medium Up to 400kg 206 20 131 186
Heavy Over 400kg 881 70 195 225
Bulls Medium Up to 450kg 37 100 220 236
Heavy Over 450kg 107 100 202 242
  • Bullocks topped at 264¢/kg sold on a/c Sefton Grazing, “Liontown”, Charters Towers that weighed 662kg to return $1,749 per head.
  • Best priced trade Heifers were presented on a/c AJ & MA Spurdle that sold for 234¢/kg, weighing 550kg to return $1,288 per head.
  • The top pen of Cows were sold by a/c B & J Epple, “Alstonvale”, Hughenden for 224¢/kg, weighing 616kg to return $1,379 per head.
  • Bulls sold on a/c CP & NA Ferguson, “Cardigan”, Charters Towers topped at 242¢/kg and weighed 660kg, to return $1,598 per head.