• Yarding Numbers: 4,638
  • Location: Dalby
  • Date: June 19, 2024

The supply of stock at Dalby remained close to last week with 4,638 cattle penned being 672 from far western QLD a handful from NSW and the balance from the local supply area. Not all the export buyers were present, resulting in the export lines being 15c to 35c cheaper. The yearling feeder steers were the least affected and sold at similar rates with most of the yearling heifers to feed and background selling to an easier trend. Lightweight yearling steers to restockers sold to 386c and averaged 341c with the lesser quality lines at 290c/kg. Yearling steers over 280kg to restockers made 374c to average 337c/kg. Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market sold to 366c and averaged 329c/kg. Heavy yearling steers to feed sold to 344c and averaged 311c/kg. Yearling steers over 480kg to feed made 324c to average 305c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to background made 282c to average 233c/kg. Yearling heifers over 280kg to feed made 256c with those to restockers at 271c/kg. Medium weight heifers to feed made 294c to average 249c/kg. Heavy yearling heifers to feed sold to 316c and averaged 280c with those to the wholesale meat trade topping at 324c/kg. Young bullocks to the butcher trade sold to an isolated 310c/kg. Bullocks over 600kg to processors made 260c to average 227c/kg. Grown heifers to processors topped at 312c/kg. Light weight cows to restockers sold from 143c to 176c with an isolated sale to 300c/kg. Heavy PTIC cows to restockers made 223c to average 204c/kg. Plain conditioned heavy cows to processors sold from 152c to 198ckg. Good heavy cows sold to 215c and averaged 186c/kg. Medium weight bulls to processors made 242c to average 233c/kg. Heavy bulls to processors made 215c to average 195c/kg.

Description Head Minimum c/kg Maximum c/kg Average c/kg
Steers to 200kg 2 202 272 237
200 – 280kg 391 209 386 341
280 – 330kg 370 270 374 337
330 – 400kg 295 274 366 329
400 – 500kg 271 188 344 324
Heifers to 200kg
200 – 280kg 273 164 282 233
280 – 330kg 263 180 271 239
330 – 400kg 404 150 294 248
400 – 500kg 438 206 324 287
Cows to 400kg
400 – 500kg 126 72 300 166
Over 520kg 493 128 223 196
Bulls 400 – 500kg 73 180 268 217
Over 600kg 30 177 250 198