• Yarding Numbers: 2,894
  • Location: Dalby
  • Date: June 26, 2024

Following the large fall in prices the previous sale the number of cattle penned at Dalby reduced by 1,744 head to 2,894. The regular export processors were in attendance and not all were operating however southern export operators were active in the market. The regular feed and trade buyers plus restockers were also present.

Light weight yearling steers to restockers could not maintain the levels of the previous week while the medium and heavy weight feeders improved in price. Yearling heifers to feed and restockers followed a similar trend. Bullocks and cows regained the previous weeks losses and improved by 10c to 20c and up to 30c/kg in places.

Yearling steers under 200kg made to a top of 390c/kg. Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock made to 372c and averaged from 316c to321c/kg. Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market averaged from 312c to 319c with sales to 350c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed made to 330c to average 318c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to restockers made to 260c with most sales from 238c to 241c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged from 247c to 271c with sales to 298c/kg. A pen of yearling heifers ideally suited to the local butcher trade made to 370c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 273c and made to 300c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to export processors made to 312c and heavy weight bullocks made to 265c to average 244c/kg. A pen of very good grown heifers made to 286c and return $2,237/head. Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 172c and made to 195c/kg. Heavy weight 3 scores averaged 213c and the best of the heavy weight cows made to 234c to average 232c/kg. Heavy weight bulls made to 267c/kg.

Description Weight Min c/kg Max c/kg Avg c/kg
Bullocks   228 312 250
Feeder Steers 400-500 kg 250 330 305
Heavy Feeder Heifers >400kg 240 286 260
Heavy Cows >500kg 220 234 175
Medium Cows 420-500kg 160 223 210
Store Cows <420kg 150 195 172
Heavy Bulls >600kg 178 267 240
Light Bulls <500kg 228 246 234
Yearling Feeder Steers 300-400 kg 290 350 319
Yearling Feeder Heifers 300-400 kg 222 298 271
Weaner Heifers   250 390 315
Weaner Steers   180 260 236