• Yarding Numbers: 560
  • Location: Emerald
  • Date: July 28, 2022

There was a smaller yarding of 560 head at Emerald sale 268 fewer than last week. Cattle were penned from the local area along with one line of steers from North Queensland. Quality was generally very good as was condition with a large percentage of the offering being cows. Competition was reduced in all classes with only two major processors and a couple of smaller buyers operating along with local restockers.

Good quality yearling steers averaged 357c to 452c/kg to restockers relative to weight, with a few to feed making 334c/kg. Yearling heifers averaged 342c to 378c/kg with restockers again taking the top priced pens.

Grown steers to feed sold to a 386c/kg top to average 340c to 356c/kg. Processors paid to 334c/kg for their best to average 314c to 327c/kg. Feeders also bought grown heifers to a 352c/kg top, averaging 332c to 351c/kg.

Prime 4 score heavyweight cows realised to 295c/kg to average 274c/kg. Heavy bulls returned to the paddock and sold to feed to average 216c to 266c/kg. Breeder quality, PTIC heifers made $1,970/head.

Steers 200kg – 280kg – only 10 yarded – too few to quote
Steers 280kg – 350kg – only 3 yarded – too few to quote
Steers 350kg – 400kg – only 18 yarded – reached 372c/kg to average 346c/kg
Steers 400kg – 500kg – 53 yarded – reached 360c/kg to average 342c/kg
Steers 500kg – 550kgs – 32 yarded – reached 366c/kg to average 350c/kg
Steers over 550kgs – 72 reached 366c/kg and average 330c/kg
Heifers 200kg – 280kg – 18 yarded reached 370c/kg and average 354c/kg
Heifers 280kg – 350kg – 30 yarded – reached 376c/kg and average 358c/kg
Heifers 350kg – 400kg – 20 yarded – reached 360c/kg and average 342c/kg
Heifers +400kg – 75 yarded – reached 382c/kg and average 344c/kg
Cows 400kg – 520kg – 74 yarded – reached 295c/kg to average 274c/kg
Cows + 520kg – 103 yarded – reached 295c/kg and average 278c/kg
Bulls sold from 216c/kg to 260c/kg with lighter bulls selling to 334c/kg. Breeder quality Brangus Heifers sold for $1970/head.

Mark & Cathy Bedford, Emerald sold a Cow to 256c/kg to weigh 820kgs and gross $2100 per head. Peter Cook & Family, “Beaumont” Pine Hill sold quality Droughtmaster Heifers to 360c/kg to weigh 376kgs and gross $1356/head.

Special Weaner & Feeder Sale next Tuesday 2nd August – 8:30am start with approx. 3,000 head booked.