• Yarding Numbers: 2,800
  • Location: Emerald
  • Date: May 2, 2024

With a fortnight between sales it was no surprise that numbers lifted to just over 2800 head for this week’s Emerald combined sale. The market for the most part held firm or saw slight improvement albeit it was a vastly different yarding to 2 weeks prior which will play havoc with some of the results noted in the averages. Cattle were trucked rom Malanda to the north & Lawn Hill to the northwest however the majority were consigned from the more immediate area. The quality and presentation was reasonable to good in most categories, however the breed and age will have also played its part in the results on paper.

All regular processors were represented & competition improved the best cows over 520kg peaked over 230c and the average lifted 28c, lighter or store bullocks gained support from processors, feedlot & restocker competition with the best sales over 550kg to 271c, 500/550kg reached 290c, heifers over 400kg the best made 252c to see the average lift 12c, Bulls over 600kg average improved 31c topping at 232c.

Steers 400/500kg peaked at 314c to a/v 263c however breed and age played there part in this result, steers 350/400kg a similar result here with a top of 319c to a/v 258c, steers 280/350kg well supplied reached 364c for Euro x weaners to see the overall a/v 281c, heifers 350/400kg sold to 260c on occasion to a/v 231c on paper this shows an easing of 6c, however given varying factors this was firm to dearer, heifers 280/350kg in good numbers sold to 242c to a/v 214c back 8c, perhaps breed and quality playing a part in this result.

Weaner steers under 200kg & 200/280kg were dominated by one larger consignment of lighter weight softer calves which will have helped lift the average of 365c & 341c however the overall result was I believe close enough to firm, heifers under 200kg & 200/280kg once again these weight classes were dominated by two larger lines of light weight calves which topped at 258c, with one regular local backgrounder account absent most of the other pens struggled to gain much attention however there was some renewed interest from a southern veal operator which did put a floor in any of the well finished pens.

Cows & Calves; There were no cows & calves offered.

STEERS Under 200kg 157 200 396 365
200 – 280kg 164 70 386 341
280 – 350kg 421 144 364 282
350 – 400kg 117 110 319 258
400 -500kg 149 180 314 263
BULLOCKS 500-550kg 115 206 290 268
550+ 107 100 271 247
HEIFERS Under 200kg 204 70 258 231
200 – 280kg 320 94 258 221
280 – 350kg 306 120 242 214
350 – 400kg 189 164 260 231
Over 400kg 148 190 252 234
COWS 300-400kgs 32 20 190 178
400 – 450kg 31 164 NQ 198
450-520kgs 138 175 NQ 201
Over 520kgs 131 183 235 218
BULLS Up to 450kg 34 120 256 229
450-600kg 22 204 236 222
Over 600kg 22 120 232 211


Ian & Sara Beck, Malanda sold G/Q Angus steers 340c at 342kg returning $1,164 & heifers 350kg @ 242c $847.

The Barlow Family “Crystal Creek” Capella sold Santa feeder steers 319c, 400kg returning $1,277 & feeder heifers 230c, 342kg, $787.

BLP Livestock, Alpha, sold Brangus feeder heifers 230c, 386kg, $888 & Charbray heifers 228c, 343kg, $783.