• Yarding Numbers: 3,247
  • Location: Gracemere
  • Date: December 15, 2021

For the last sale for 2021, CQLX Gracemere agents penned 3,247 head, 1,500 head less than last week. Cattle came from a wide area of Central Queensland between Bowen and Gin Gin and west past Clermont. In what was a very mixed yarding, there were several large lines penned with cattle selling well to the usual feeders and processors and an everchanging restocker line up. Values improved in most sections.

Yearling steers sold to 906c to return averages from 739c to 840c/kg for those under 280kg. Medium weight pens averaged 588c to 683c/kg to restockers. Yearling heifers topped at 828c, returning averages from 553c to 726c/kg for light weight pens. Medium weight pens averaged from 530c to 646c/kg. Grown steers went to feed to a top of 628c to average from 526c to 602c/kg. Feeders also paid from 490c to 586c/kg average for grown heifers. Those to the trade averaged from 450c to 489c with restockers averaging 596c/kg for theirs. Score 2 cows sold to 420c to restockers to average 405c/kg. Heavy, 4 score cows eased to average 402c/kg. Heavy bulls averaged 336c/kg to processors. A well-bred offering of cows and calves sold from $3,000 to $4,050/unit with one pen of PTIC cows making $2,050/head.

Description Min c/kg Avg c/kg Max c/kg
Steers Slaughter 492 445 500
400-500kg 468 546 584
300-400kg 380 589 738
200-300kg 520 745 858
Under 200kg 350 820       906
Heifers Slaughter 492 492 492
300-400kg 458 570 662
200-300kg 320 626 774
Under 200kg 420 690 828
Cows Slaughter 384 405 412
400-500kg 375 396 510
Under 400kg 312 404 428
      Cows & Calves $2,050/unit $3,279/unit $4,050/unit
Bulls Over 600kg 430 430 430
400-600kg 280 330 364


M & P Wheeler, Koumala sold Brangus Steers for 844c/kg, weighing 202kg to return $1708

M & P Wheeler, Koumala sold Droughtmaster Steers for 852c/kg, weighing 195kg to return $1661

C Howland, Ilbilbie sold Angus Cross Steers for 842kg, weighing 178kg to return $1501

Falzon, Ilbilbie sold Charbray Steers for 856c/kg, weighing 180kg to return $1541

Ryan Goudie, Baralaba sold Brangus Steers for 568c/kg weighing 384kg to return $2,181

Greg Perry, Nine Mile sold Droughtmaster Weaner Steers for 738c/kg weighing 312kg to return $2306

Yeppoon Grazing sold Brangus Feeder Steers for 550c/kg weighing 492kg to return $2711

Creed Family Investment Trust, Jambin sold Brangus Steers to 790.2c/kg, weighing 292kg, to return $2311

Reaco P/L, Marlborough, sold Brangus X Steers to a Saleyard Breaking Record of 906.2c/kg, weighing 148kg, to return $1,346

P & L Dahl Clermont sold a run of 173 Grey Brahman No.0 Steers to top at 612c/kg to average 349kg returning $2091

M & P Wheeler, Koumala sold Brangus Heifers for 828c/kg (a new CQLX record) weighing 190kg to return $1588

Consolidated Past Co, Biloela sold 5 pens of Feeder Brangus Heifers for an average of 650c/kg to top at 662c/kg, weighing 359kg to return $2377

EM & RF Bella, Nebo sold Brangus Weaner Heifers for 758c/kg weighing 210kg to return $1,599

Kendah Enterprises, Wowan, sold EU Droughtmaster X Heifers to 492.2c/kg, weighing 544kg, to return $2,678

Bayfield Cattle Co Biloela sold Charbray/Brangus Cows and Calves for $4050/unit

Kendah Enterprises, Wowan, sold Droughtmaster Bulls to 332.2c/kg, weighing 1006kg, to return $3341

MLA Market Report