• Yarding Numbers: 4,779
  • Location: Gracemere
  • Date: July 20, 2022

CQLX Combined Agents saw an increase yesterday with a yarding of 4,779 head, comprising of 2,810 steers, 1,.508 heifers, 428 Cows, 21 Cows & Calves and 12 bulls. Cattle came from all local districts along with consignments from Collinsville, Mt Coolon and South to Bundaberg. The yarding was mixed in some classes with both condition and quality variable, however the better-quality lines met with strong competition. As buyers were well represented for restocker and feeder lines and the processor panel also included two returning processors which helped boost the cow prices. With feeder and heifers prices coming back this week, as has been the trend across most centres, we seen good competition in the lighter end of the weaner steers with some increases of up to 40c/kg on last week’s rates.

500-600kg 390 c/kg 390 c/kg 390 c/kg
400-500kg 262 c/kg 462 c/kg 407 c/kg
330-400kg 344 c/kg 546 c/kg 436 c/kg
280-330kg 200 c/kg 594 c/kg 497 c/kg
200-280kg 200 c/kg 630 c/kg 542 c/kg
Under 200kg 200 c/kg 644 c/kg 566 c/kg
COWS Slaughter 296 c/kg 322 c/kg 314 c/kg
500-600kg 246 c/kg 352 c/kg 313 c/kg
400-500kg 180 c/kg 320 c/kg 276 c/kg
330-400kg 150 c/kg 270 c/kg 240 c/kg
Under 330kg 100 c/kg 200 c/kg 118 c/kg
500-600kg NQ NQ NQ
400-500kg 290 c/kg 384 c/kg 352 c/kg
330-400kg 280 c/kg 446 c/kg 395 c/kg
280-330kg 220 c/kg 486 c/kg 391 c/kg
200-280kg 258 c/kg 504 c/kg 391 c/kg
Under 200kg 102 c/kg 474 c/kg 386 c/kg
Cows & Calves $1,525/unit $2,300/unit $1,732/unit
BULLS Over 600kg 210 c/kg 310 c/kg 256 c/kg
500-600kg 302 c/kg 302 c/kg 302 c/kg
400-500kg NQ NQ NQ
330-400kg NQ NQ NQ


EM & RF Bella, Nebo Sold Brangus Steers for 462c/kg weighing 409kg to return $1,892/hd

P & J Stone, Baralaba Sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 450c/kg weighing 409kg to return $1,842/hd

E & K Adams, Dalma Sold Droughtmaster Steers to 492c/kg weighing 393kg to return $1,935/hd

Lynch Brothers Partnership, Bushley Sold Brahman Weaner Steers for 552c/kg weighing 325kg to return $1,794/hd

R & K Hannant, East End Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 590c/kg weighing 299kg to return $1,767/hd

Parker Cattle Co Sold Brahman Cross Steers for 594c/kg, weighing 281kg to return $1,673/hd

J Tait, The Caves Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 578c/kg weighing 277kg to return $1,604/hd

K & M Ebbern, Rosedale Sold Brahman Steers for 580c/kg weighing 260kg to return $1,508/hd

Wales Grazing, Biloela Sold Brangus Steers for 616c/kg weighing 232kg to return $1,432/hd

Malvern Developments Sold Brangus Steers for 600c/kg, weighing 220kg to return $1,326/hd

Jason Lindley, Stanage Bay Sold Angus Cross Steers for 610c/kg, weighing 217kg to return $1,325/hd

Moore and Lang, Duaringa Sold Red Brangus Steers for 644c/kg weighing 196kg to return $1,263/hd

Wotonga Grazing, Nebo Sold Charbray Cross Cows for 322c/kg weighing 636kg to return $2,051/hd

Consolidated Past Co Sold Brangus Cross Cows for 352c/kg weighing 538kg to return $1,896/hd

G & L Eiser, Gogango Sold a pen of Brangus Heifers for 418c/kg weighing 345kg to return $1,442/hd

Parker Cattle Co Sold Droughtmaster Cross Heifers for 478c/kg weighing 296kg to return $1,416/hd

D & J Otto, Bracewell Sold Ultra Black Heifers for 474c/kg weighing 263kg to return $1,248/hd

DW McCartney, Kunwarara Sold Brangus Heifers for 504c/kg weighing 251kg to return $1,267/hd.