• Yarding Numbers: 2,382
  • Location: Gracemere
  • Date: May 29, 2024

This week the combined agents at Gracemere yarded a total of 2382 head consisting of 957 steers, 1084 heifers, 280 cows, 19 cows & calves, 7 bulls & 34 mickeys. Cattle were sold in a market that was firm to soft this week. Prices across the board were 30 cents softer this week, which is similar to the trends seen at other major selling complexes across the state.  Weaner steers averaged 284c/kg to top at 384c/kg. Feeder steers averaged 266c/kg and reached up to 326c/kg. A large yarding of heifers was seen this week which may have contributed to prices softening. Weaner heifers averaged 198c/kg and reached a top of 322c/kg. There was great opportunities for buyers in this weight category with average prices back by up to 30 cents. Feeder heifers averaged 228c/kg and reached a top of 244c/kg. Prime cows averaged 203c/kg to top at 239c/kg. The bull market was firm to soft with an average of 200c/kg, however not a lot of bulls to quote on this week. Cows & calves averaged $1028 per unit with some well sought after pairs reaching up to $1700 per unit.

Description Minimum Maximum Average
Steers 600+ 246 c/kg 261 c/kg 260 c/kg
500-600kg 240 c/kg 266 c/kg 246 c/kg
400-500kg 230 c/kg 326 c/kg 292 c/kg
330-400kg 162 c/kg 320 c/kg 283 c/kg
280-330kg 210 c/kg 346 c/kg 292 c/kg
200-280kg 82c/kg 370 c/kg 278 c/kg
Under 200kg 80 c/kg 384 c/kg 283 c/kg
Cows 600+ 197 c/kg 214 c/kg 206 c/kg
500-600kg 182 c/kg 239 c/kg 201 c/kg
400-500kg 140 c/kg 234 c/kg 187 c/kg
330-400kg 110 c/kg 180 c/kg 138 c/kg
Under 330kg 160 c/kg 160 c/kg 160 c/kg
Heifers 500-600kg 235 c/kg 235 c/kg 235 c/kg
400-500kg 176 c/kg 244 c/kg 222 c/kg
330-400kg 140 c/kg 254 c/kg 230 c/kg
280-330kg 160 c/kg 322 c/kg 204 c/kg
200-280kg 120 c/kg 244 c/kg 190 c/kg
Under 200kg 110 c/kg 206 c/kg 169 c/kg
      PTIC Heifers NQ NQ NQ
      Cows & Calves $750/hd $1700/hd $1028/hd
Bulls Over 600kg 176 c/kg 218 c/kg 210 c/kg
500-600kg 210 c/kg 210 c/kg 210 c/kg
400-500kg 180 c/kg 180 c/kg 180 c/kg


WS&KA Harrison Theodore sold Red Brahman Bullocks for 261c weighing 674kg to return $1760/hd

Jack Rewald Nominees PTY LTD, Rockhampton sold Brahman X Steers for 318c/kg weighing 466kg to return $1483/hd

C.C Anderson May Downs sold Charbray X Steers for 324c weighing 455kg to return $1476

C&K Faine, Gogango sold Brangus Steers for 324c weighing 425kg to return $1377/hd

A Wilson, Jambin sold Droughtmaster X Steers for 308c/kg weighing 374kg to return $1152/hd

L McKinlay Gogango sold Charbray Steers for 370c weighing 257kg to return $954/hd

A McCartney, Milman sold Brahman X Steers for 340c/kg weighing 204kg to return $695/hd

M Kier, Sarina sold Limousin Steers for 384c/kg weighing 171kg to return $657/hd

S Rosser, Bracewell sold Brangus Steers for 370c/kg weighing 177kg to return $657/hd

D&E Hall Ubobo sold Charbray X Heifers for 254c weighing 396kg to return $1007/hd

C&K Faine, Gogango sold Brangus Heifers for 240c weighing 412kg to return $990/hd

C.C Anderson May Downs sold Charbray Heifers for 248c weighing 383kg to return $950/hd

PPR Pastoral Co, Dingo sold Santa Gertrudis Heifers for 242c/kg weighing 354kg to return $857/hd

Keough Cattle Co, St Lawrence sold polled Brahman Heifers & Brangus X Heifers for 230c/kg weighing 368kg to return $848/hd

JA and DK Yeldham, Dululu sold Charbray Cows for 212c/kg weighing 684kg to return $1,451/hd

G&I Frankish Morinish sold Red Brahman Cows for 199c weighing 655kg to return $1304/hd

LN Smith, Mt Larcom sold Santa Gertrudis Cows for 200c/kg weighing 580kg to return $1161/hd