• Yarding Numbers: 4,350
  • Location: Gracemere
  • Date: July 1, 2024

The second Weaner & Feeder Sale for 2024 saw combined agents yard a total of 4,350 head consisting of 3,035 steers, & 1315 heifers. With some challenging weather seen in local areas, it is a credit to all vendors for the quality and presentation of cattle seen today. Prices at this sale were 20-30 cents stronger than previous weekly sales, with the best of the steers reaching up to 368c/kg and heifers making it up to 286c/kg. Weaner steers averaged 300c/kg, & weaner heifers averaged 218c/kg. Feeder steers averaged 281c/kg, & feeder heifers averaged 248c/kg. Overall the sale saw strong buyer competition on the majority of pens & excellent quality runs of cattle offered for sale.

Description Min c/kg Max c/kg Avg c/kg
Steers 500-600kg NQ NQ NQ
400-500kg 266 c/kg 286 c/kg 273 c/kg
330-400kg  238 c/kg 338 c/kg 289 c/kg
280-330kg 220 c/kg 368 c/kg 298 c/kg
200-280kg 142 c/kg 368 c/kg 305 c/kg
Under 200kg 178 c/kg 334 c/kg 298 c/kg
Heifers 400-500kg 236 c/kg 264 c/kg 258 c/kg
330-400kg 215 c/kg 248 c/kg 238 c/kg
280-330kg 160 c/kg 286 c/kg 230 c/kg
200-280kg 128 c/kg 286 c/kg 222 c/kg


NC and GN Davidson Pastoral PTY LTD, Middlemount sold Charbray X Steers for 340c/kg weighing 328kg to return $1,118

PV Rolfe, Marmor sold Charbray Steers for 366c weighing 283kgs to return $1035/hd

M & R Collins, Wowan sold Charbray Steers for 330c/kg weighing 313kg to return $1033/hd

Yemeappo Pastoral Co, Yaamba sold Charolais X Steers for 304c weighing 334kg to return $1016/hd

JG & MA McCartney, Baralaba Sold Brangus Steers for 344c/kg weighing 293kg to return $1,009/hd

Rushel Produce, Home Hill, sold Brangus Steers for 368 c/kg weighing 259 kg to return $955/head.

N & L Ralph, Baralaba sold Brangus Steers for 338c/kg weighing 278kg to return $942/hd

R Moretti, Wowan sold Brahman X Steers for 312c/kg weighing 286kg to return $892/hd

BM & MJ Woodard, Duaringa sold Brangus Steers for 352c weighing 248kg to return $873/hd

G&N Hinz, Dalma sold Droughtmaster teers for 300c weighing 269kg to return $808/hd

SE & JG Farr, Garnant Sold Brahman Steers for 300c/kg weighing 266kg to return $800/hd

Busby Cattle CO, Goovigen sold Charbray X Steers for 346c/kg weighing 223kg to return $773/hd

P & J Stone, Baralaba sold Simmental X Heifers for 264c weighing 414kgs to return $1094

Vex Grazing PTY LTD, Springsure sold Droughtmaster X Heifers for 286c/kg weighing 284kg to return $813

C & H Moretti, Wowan sold Charbray Heifers for 238c/kg weighing 339kg to return $808/hd

N & L Ralph, Baralaba sold sold Angus Heifers for 264c/kg weighing 273kg to return $723/hd

NC and GN Davidson Pastoral PTY LTD, Middlemount sold Charbray X Heifers sold for 258c/kg weighing 282kg to return $729

Wellington Cattle Co, Bauhinia sold Grey brahman Heifer for 236c weighing 234kgs to return $554/hd