• Yarding Numbers: Cattle: 709 Sheep: 3,530
  • Location: Inverell
  • Date: June 7, 2022

Cattle – 709

Numbers remained static the only changes were a slight reduction in cow numbers and a marginal increase in the young cattle offering. It was a mostly a well presented penning with an increase in
quality through the heavy grown heifers, bolstered by the return of a heavy heifer feeder operator. An additional export buyer was present whilst all the regulars buyers were participating in a mostly dearer market. Steer and heifer weaners sold to a cheaper trend with a lack of quality through the secondary drafts, some being on the transition from weaner to yearling. These categories were purchased by restockers.

Light yearling steers to backgrounders saw a rise of 6c/kg. There was a significant rise for medium weight feeder steers by up to 29c/kg particularly for the better bred types. Light feeder heifers sold to dearer trends as did the medium weights, in tandem with the medium steers to post substantial gains.

Trade heifers also sold dearer to local and visiting butchers. Heavy grown steers to process sold to considerably dearer trends particularly the heavy drafts. Grown heifers were similar more so the heavy feeders due to the return of a heavy feeder operator. This category witnessed up to a 30c/kg improvement. Cows sold to mostly firm trends with the heavy 2 score being 10c/kg better. Bulls were also dearer for both heavy processing bulls and restocker interest in younger bulls back to the paddock.

Sheep – 3,530

There was a slightly reduced penning of 3,530 to offer 1912 lambs and 1590 grown sheep. It was a very good penning of finished lambs with various pens from feedlots and many off crop. The usual buyers participated in a dearer market which also involved restocker competition. The market catered for larger runs of both lambs and grown sheep with strong processor involvement.

Light trade lambs experienced strong competition from both restockers and processor with restockers operating on both second cross and Dorper lambs. Trade lambs sold to dearer trends with Dorpers to $17/head better and second cross lambs were also significantly dearer. Similarly, heavy trade lambs saw a considerable rise with second cross lambs up by $25/head. Heavy lambs were also dearer by as much as $27/head and lambs over 30kgs cwt sold to $240/head.

Hoggets sold to dearer trends for the heavy drafts. Restockers moved into light Merino hoggets at $62/head. It was a good grown sheep offering, however medium Merino ewes did sell to an easier trend being back some $6/head. Heavy crossbred ewes sold well to make $190/head with Dorpers selling to $180/head with Wethers to processors up to $175/head.