• Yarding Numbers: 1,768
  • Location: Warwick
  • Date: June 22, 2022

The supply of stock increased to 1,768 sheep and lambs at Warwick with 1,223 lambs and 545 grown sheep. The overall yarding contained several lines of well finished trade and heavy lambs which sold to easier rates as did the mutton which sold to limited competition due to one processor being absent from the buying panel. All the regular butchers ,wholesalers and feeder operators attended along with several restockers who were more selective in their purchases resulting in cheaper prices for lambs returning to the paddock. The heavy feeder lambs went against the trend and sold to a firm to slightly dearer market.

Young light weight lambs to restockers sold to $141 to average $120/head. Light weight butcher lambs made $184 to average $177/head. Lambs in the 22-24kg range to wholesalers made $187 to average $183/head. Lambs over 24kg to feeder operators made $194 to average $186/head. Good heavy lambs to processors sold from $210 to $215 and averaged $205/head.

Hoggets to the wholesale meat trade sold to $187 and averaged $141/head. Dorper ewes to processors averaged $108 and sold to $117 with restockers paying to $160/head. A line of restocker merino ewes sold for $87/head. Young wethers to the local wholesale meat trade averaged $148 and sold to $160/head. Ram lambs to wholesalers made $152 to average $145/head. Dorper rams returning to the paddock made $250/head.

Category Head Min Av. Max
Ewes 309 $12 $86.54 $160
Hoggets 107 $60 $131.31 $187
Old Lambs 119 $58 $158.29 $200
Rams 56 $50 $166.61 $250
Wethers 48 $130 $142.33 $160
Young Lamb 1098 $25 $165.17 $215