1,100 Cows and Calves

1,100 Cows and Calves

Approx 1,100 Brahman & Droughtmaster Cross Cows with calves at foot by Brahman & Angus Composite Bulls. The Cows are mixed ages, ranging from 3-13yrs with the vendor estimating an even spread of ages. These Cows have not been rejoined to any Bulls to date. The Calves are from 1-3 months old & as can be seen in the video, the majority are by Red Brahman Bulls. These Calves have all been branded, NLIS tagged, ear marked & dehorned (majority polled) BUT they have not been cut so any Bulls are still entire. This vendor is selling his entire Cow herd so these are NOT cull Cows just his run of the mill breeders.

These cattle are ticky & are located at Katherine NT.

**Note please watch the entire video as it gives the best description of the cows & calves.

Price: $1,100 + GST Negotiable

Listing Details:

  • Listing ID: 578936
  • Status: Available
  • Number of Units: 1100
  • Stock Type: Cows & Calves
  • Breed: Brahman
  • Age: 3 to 13yrs
  • Min Weight: 300 kg
  • Max Weight: 540 kg
  • Avg Weight: 390 kg
  • Pregnancy Status: Unjoined
  • Vendor Bred: No
  • Horn Status: 15% Horned, 10% Tipped, 40% Polled, 35% Dehorned
  • Quality: Good
  • Condition: Forward Store
  • HGP Treated: No
  • Movement Restriction: Ticky
  • Stock Location: Katherine
  • State: NT
  • Delivery Method: On Property
  • Agent: Longreach
  • Price Type: Per Head
  • Price: $1,100.00
1,100 Cows and Calves
1,100 Cows and Calves
1,100 Cows and Calves
1,100 Cows and Calves
1,100 Cows and Calves

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Tom McLeish
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