TopX Cloncurry delivers:

  • First class and personalised livestock selling service
  • Marketing of Rural Property through private sale and auction
  • Maximising returns to clients
  • Development and delivery of marketing plans to suit individual clients’ needs
  • A commitment to growing close relationships with both larger company operations and our valued family enterprises
  • Development of long term supply chain options
  • Access to the large TopX database, which allows us to connect buyers and sellers quickly to ensure all breeding, backgrounding and trading enterprises are best serviced
  • A range of solutions during both wet and dry seasons to market cattle effectively throughout feedlots, live export, abattoirs, sale yards, Auctions Plus and private paddock sales
  • An ultrasound pregnancy testing service as a herd management tool

TopX Cloncurry is owned and operated by Phill Avery commencing in January 2019.

Phill Avery has a lifetime of experience in the grazing industry. Raised on a sheep and cattle station in the Longreach district, his passion for the cattle and beef industry led him to a six year career as a stock and station agent with TopX Longreach before investing in TopX Cloncurry.

With a background of an Agribusiness Diploma, establishing a successful livestock supplement business and managing a cattle operation, Phill brings a deep understanding of the day-to-day and long term challenges facing clients. Phill is experienced in ultrasound preg-testing and this is an additional service available to his clients as a valuable herd management tool.

If you are looking for honest, hard working agents to market your livestock or property contact Phill today!