Dotswood is open Mitchell, Buffel and Flinders Grass country that carries a good body of Mitchell grass butts. The country is has had a start to the 2022 wet season and presents in fresh healthy condition. It will bounce away with rain and currently supports plenty of grass to run normal numbers.

Listing Details:

  • Property ID: 473608
  • Listing Type: Sale
  • Status: Sold
  • Sale Type: Private Sale
  • Price Type: POA
  • Property Type: Rural
  • Property Name: Dotswood
  • Property Location: Muttaburra
  • State: QLD
  • Location Details:

    Approx 50km North of Muttaburra.

  • Size/Area:

    Approx 9,304ha or 22,990acres

  • Predominate Use: Grazing
  • Tenure: 1 GHPL Title (Grazing Homestead Perpetual Leases)
  • Rates: Approx $3,595 half yearly
  • Rent: Approx $2,995 quarterly
  • Rainfall: 16 inches or 400mm per annum
  • Services:

    Rural power and STD telephone. Mobile phone service via an external aerial connection. Mail twice weekly via Muttaburra.

  • Improvements:

    4 bedroom homestead, steel cattle yards to work 500hd, 6 stand shearing shed, shearers quarters and sheep yards, machinery shed and workshop.

  • Country Type:

    Predominantly black soil Mitchell and Flinders Grass Downs country, supporting a very good stand of Mitchell, Buffel and Flinders Grass in season. This property has been conservatively stocked over the vendors ownership and; this can be seen in the healthy stand of Mitchell Grass.

    There is some Prickly Acacia and Parkinsonia on the property.

  • Water:

    Dotswood is watered by an uncontrolled artesian bore, last measured at 200,000 gallons/day. This bores services approximately 40km of bore drain that fills numerous water holes along the drain. The bore also provides water for approximately 10km of poly pipe that fills a couple of poly tanks that are connected to troughs and 1 dam.

    There is an application in with GABSI to cap and pipe this bore. This project is only in the application stage, but the vendor has done a considerable amount of work researching the costs to upgrade the watering system. The vendor is unsure on when GABSI will give an answer on this funding application.

    The Dotswood Bore also provides water to 2 neighbouring properties via poly pipe.

    There is also shared water with Llorac where the Llorac bores supplies water to a turkeys nest on Llorac which supplies water to a trough on Dotswood.

    5 earth dams.

  • Fencing:

    Dotswood is divided into 4 main paddocks and 1 holding paddock closer to the cattle yards. The boundary is mostly 6 wire and hinge joint in fair condition. Boundary fencing with Labba and Bibil installed in the last 15years as well as 4km of with Llorac. The 3 barb boundary with Gelebele was installed in the last 10 years. The internal fencing is mostly 6 wire and hinge joint and is in need of repair in places.

  • Plant & Equipment:

    Basic plant and equipment are included with the sale. A list can be provided on request.

  • Agent: Longreach

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Tom McLeish
Tom McLeish
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The details above are those supplied by the vendor although great care has been taken to compile accurate information, prospective purchasers should by inspection, or otherwise satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the information.