Hurreldean is an exquisite example of the very best beef country located in the Wandoan / Taroom district. Comprising 2904.66H (7177 Acres) of beautiful undulating Brigalow/Belah, Bauhinia & Bottle trees scrub country. Add to this picturesque scenes of waving Buffel Grass during traditional growing seasons and it is truly hard to find a more productive part of the world.

Hurreldean is for sale via Auction at Explorers Inn Convention Centre on the 10th December 2021, 11am.

Listing Details:

  • Property ID: 848981
  • Listing Type: Sale
  • Status: Sold
  • Sale Type: Auction
  • Auction Date: 10/12/2021
  • Property Type: Rural
  • Property Name: Hurreldean
  • Property Location: Yuleba
  • State: QLD
  • Location Details:

    Located in the heart of the Brigalow belt between Roma & Taroom. Approximately 56km North of Yuleba, 75km to Taroom and 120km to Roma.

    Hurreldean has bitumen frontage with the Western boundary being the Clifford-Yuleba Rd. Fully sealed bitumen to Roma excluding roughly 2km of all weather gravel (subject to flooding).

  • Size/Area:

    2904.6662 Ha or 7177.5865 Acres

  • Predominate Use: Grazing
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • Rates: Approx $9250.20 / half yearly
  • Rainfall: Approximately 630.5mm / 24.8 inches per annum
  • Services:

    Rural power, Landline & mobile phone service, Internet, TV, Mail service

  • Improvements:

    Hurreldean is sub-divided into 8 main paddocks and 2 smaller holding paddocks all connected via a central lane feeding to the cattle yards. . This design allows for easy management of livestock and the option for rotational grazing.

    Located in the middle of Hurreldean these yards are steel panels used for internal and outlining yards / coolers. Shed cover over the main working area Vet Crush with chin bar and scales. These yards consist of 6 holding yards. Overnight paddocks are available being connected to the yards via the lane system.

    Main House was appointed in the early 1980’s. This house consists of 4 bedrooms, main bathroom, ensuite bathroom, an open plan kitchen open to the living room and adjoining dining room. 2 car garage is attached at the western side of the house. A beautiful view from the front and side veranda makes coming home enjoyable at the end of a day.

    A large 5 bay steel machinery shed enclosed on 3 sides, Power, lighting and water via a fibreglass tank.

    Bike shed is located a short walk from the rear of the house and consists of 2 steel bays enclosed on 3 sides.

    Dog Pens / Shed. These 6 pens are semi enclosed on 3 sides and are constructed from timber frame covered in iron. This could be made into another farm shed if you believe it’s too fancy for your pooches.

  • Country Type:

    Hurreldean is located in the heart of Brigalow Country - Bullock Country.

    The country is predominantly Brigalow / Belah Scrub with Bauhinia, Bottle trees, scatterings of Wilga. The creek systems and North Western edges comprise limited growths of Poplar Box, Silver-Leaved Ironbark, False Sandalwood and includes Brigalow / Belah.

    Hurreldean is well developed and has been cleared over the years by pulling, raking and blade ploughing. The introduction of Buffel Grass has seen productivity explode and truly makes Hurreldean and exceptional cattle fattening enterprise.

    Recent renovations have been conducted in 2018 with the Northern and North – Eastern paddocks having seen a blade plough used to open up the rich scrub soils. 97.2% of Hurreldean is Category X.

  • Water:

    With an unlimited supply of bore water, Hurreldean is one of only a few properties in the district to have a flowing bore. Drilled in 2017 the bore is located in the Precipice sandstone aquifer. 16.7 litres per second was the yield at the time of drilling. The bore supplies an adjacent turkeys nest that is equipped with mains power and Mono pump pushing this water to high elevated turkeys nest and tank.

    2 Main dams and several other short term storage holes are located around the property. The 'Main Dam' is approximately 5 Ha in size and is equipped with a diesel powered Mono pumping supplying the Western turkeys nest.

    Hurreldean has 3 Turkeys Nests feeding a total of 12 troughs throughout the property.

    Water Security is well and truly covered on Hurreldean.

  • Fencing:

    Hurreldean is divided into 8 main paddocks & 2 smaller holding paddocks by means of barbed wire, split posts and in parts steel droppers. These fences are in good condition and containing stock (Cows & Calves) without any concerns. Boundary Fencing is a mix of ring lock netting with two barbs of four barbs and split posts. This fencing is containing all livestock without concerns. The eastern boundary fence is in parts 5 barb, 1 plain on split & steel posts.

  • Carrying Capacity:

    Hurreldean is located in the best carrying capacity country within the Western Downs / Maranoa region. During normal seasonal conditions Hurreldean has been assessed at approximately 1200AE.

    Hurreldean has currently been consistently running in excess of 850 Cows and Calves.

  • Agent: Roma

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The details above are those supplied by the vendor although great care has been taken to compile accurate information, prospective purchasers should by inspection, or otherwise satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the information.