Myself and Jim Ross opened  TopX Warwick in October 2013. For me, the move was the realisation of a long held dream to work for myself and run my own business. The concerns invariably associated with branching into self-employment had been offset by joining such a widely-known and well-respected livestock and rural property network. I have always wanted to work for myself and am thrilled to actually have that opportunity.

When you work for yourself, all the hard work and energy you put in directly benefits you and your business.

Warwick born and bred, I started my working life on my family dairy at Freestone, before leaving school for a job selling rural merchandise. I then shifted to fuel and lubricant sales before a decade as an Elders livestock agent.

Jim and I made the decision to go into business for ourselves because TopX offered a model that appealed to us. We own the franchise and make the decisions but we are part of a successful network and we have their administration and marketing support. Even here in south-east Queensland, producers know the TopX group and respect and trust them and we liked their philosophy, which is largely focused on establishing good client relationships.

Jim Ross brings to the business a thorough understanding of livestock and meat processing. He was abattoir foreman at Killarney for a long time and he has excellent knowledge of cattle and sheep and is committed to building our business.

For TopX Australia director Cyril Close, the expansion into south-east Queensland was a natural progression for a business which has savoured success in the sector since it formed in 2010. The appeal of the TopX model is that branches are independently owned and managed but have the advantage of being in a proven network and support system. The business model sets us apart because we provide opportunities for business ownership and give financial success back to the people on the ground doing the work. Our motto is ‘Old Values, New Ways’ and we put a great deal of emphasis on client relationships, integrity and ethics.