Master - OVNW No LPM

Wanted: Professional Livestock and Property Agents


Do you want to;

Be part of the future – we are very focused on our industry as it is going into the future and using technology solutions for communication and marketing.

Be proud of your profession –  The TopX motto is Old Values – New Ways. We believe Old Values to be a total commitment to ethical business standards and professional client service which is based on personal integrity and constant application to being the best we can be.

Working at TopX will give you the chance to reach your full potential and love what you do.

Why join TopX?

  • You work with great people in a business that you can be very proud of
  • The TopX model offers a significant business advantage over your competitors. The new ways are the way we use a highly competitive business model and up to the moment technology.
  • We will also train you in our systems
  • TopX provides dedicated support across marketing, sales networks, and transaction management specifically designed to help you build your network and assist you in becoming a leading livestock and marketing professional
  • TopX is renowned within the livestock and property marketing industry for our high standards of client service, which in turn builds a loyal client base of repeat business
  • TopX provides all our team access to our unique website, IT support and CRM Database which is under constant development and uses the latest technology and systems
  • TopX offers full office support – where you can network with other TopX Agents and take advantage of extensive networks
  • TopX is a team based franchise system where you are regularly able to use the benefits of a much larger team network

If you have:

Industry specific skills – proven experience selling livestock and/or property with appropriate licences.

Tech Skills – we will provide training but good tech skills are an advantage.

Motivation – a genuine desire to work for the best livestock agency business in the country.

We will Interview you to determine:

  • Proven ability to work independently
  • Well organised and proud of your personal presentation and appearance
  • Being comfortable selling to people – this is the acquisition of new clients, not the livestock selling process
  • Having a belief that you will be successful through your own efforts
  • You can work effectively as part of a group
  • Being attracted to continuous improvement
  • Being trustworthy in giving accurate information

Send your CV and a cover letter to

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